5 in Tours was printed in the summer of 2018 by the artists. It is letterpress printed at Minnesota Center for Book Arts on Rives BFK using photopolymer plates. The binding is Drum Leaf with grey book boards covers


    The wildwood, where Midsummer takes place, is an entity of its own. Here, CB Sherlock experiences fairies over and over again; Literary nonsense. The wildwood not only houses the fairies. The mechanicals camp. Lovers find shelter as they travel to Athens. Much happens under its boughs ---and the woods become image. 

    The forest is the set of the play---the trees abound. Dragonflies,  June beetles, butterflies and fireflies flit through the pages as the fairies flit through the play.

Midsummer a graphic essay of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was printed at Red Dragonfly Press.

Imagine the fairies are dragonflies lightning bugs and fireflies.

size 3" x 4.5

Ten Ink drawing from my Salzburg Artist Residency letterpress printed using a technique called chine-collé. After a rainy July in Austria, they were printed at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in the fall of 2014. This unbound book is housed in a clamshell box. It is in an edition of 7.

You may also order individual prints from this series.

CB Sherlock’s attention was caught by the dry humor and politically inclined poeticism of Ann Filemyr.  Her poem, The Vowels: A Congregation of Preachers  invites laugher, contemplation and a wake up call to the power within each unique individual and to be found within our communities. The unusual yet familiar cubular format engages the reader, allowing them to be an active participant in the telling of the story that Filemyr has to offer.

CB Sherlock fell in love with the essay, Horizontal Grandeur by Bill Holm when it was posted on the internet in tribute to this wonderful Minnesota writer after his death. It is the most beautiful description of loving the wide open expanses of the prairie. The paragraphs are separated with the insect she shared the prairie with last summer.

“As the distance shortens, my feelings elate... the ache of being elsewhere is gone.” 

House of Possibility is the fifth of a series of collaboratively made books designed, bound and hand-printed by Regula Russelle and CB Sherlock. The beautiful poems of place and vocation were entrusted to the artists by author, Joyce Sutphen. Responding to Regula's vision and inspired poetry selection, CB's simply imagry conveys horizon, pulse and script. Illustrating the entwining metaphores of the poems, pleasing to the hand, eye and soul.

 In the Sand, is a book of permanence and change.

Joanne Toft and I collaborated, she writing four poems and I designed, printed and bound this book.

Each poem has the same cadence, the same written theme and the same visual theme, but each also has different water, different outcomes and diffent time refleced. The ink color of the text changes to follow the change and meaning within the poems. The short cover and the wrapper were chosen to expand the idea of vulnerability wand the water imagery.

Portraits and poems on kinship circle: Something beautiful for free

A handmade book or print can be expensive, and not everyone steps into
a gallery to see a show. With this project, we took our work into the streets.